Chaos to Carefree

Professional Organizer &
Event Coordinator

“Looking into a kaleidoscope, turn it even slightly, things open up in a new way, see your life and potential from a new perspective.” ~ Gylian Solay, MS

Clear Clutter & Create a Place of Peace…
Mission Possible!

Let’s Start

  1. Game Plan- Take one room, one drawer, one closet at a time….
  2. Set the stage- Clear the clutter: remove everything from that area, drawer, closet, etc
  3. Create Space
    What to keep, how you use it, store it, sell it, or give away. Manage and organize what’s left in a comfortable way that WORKS FOR YOU!

Ready to Organize

  1. Meticulous in several areas of your home, but your kitchen is a danger zone
  2. Garage is a jumbled jungle with no space for your car
  3. Time to downsize, move, remodel or address a storage unit after years of costly rental fees
  4. Compulsive cluttering or hoarding

Set Your Pace

  1. Slow & Steady—- Take your time…a little at a time….
  2. Cut to the Chase—- Just get it done
  3. Turbo—-people coming in Wednesday and it’s Monday… need it done now!

What areas in your home or office, are a constant annoyance and avoidance, like the elephant in the room?

Taking People from Chaos to Carefree

  • Organizing is PERSONALIZED and TAILOR-MADE to suit YOUR needs & lifestyle
  • Efficient & Respectful of your Possessions
  • Together we Create Space working through all types of clutter and organizing needs
  • Hoarding Consultant

How may I assist you in your specific situation? Contact me

My desire is to create a pleasurable experience and get immediate results combining my skills as needed:
organizer, personal assistant, counselor; facilitator, stress management consultant

Real People, Real Lives

I consider Gylian the Crown Jewel in her profession!
      She is one of the most qualified Professional Organizers I have ever used.
      Gylian Solay came to my rescue a few years ago as a professional organizer and was that and sooo much more! She actually helped me through 5 large household moves within 5 years! In fact, I would not consider undergoing another house move without her.  She has an incredible sense of coming in and assessing all that needed to be done, and very quickly set to work helping me sort what to throw away, setting aside things to give away, packing up. (more…)

Joyce Spencer, Maui, Hawaii

Thank you Gylian for your incredible help getting my life back in order. You gave me so much more than organization. 
      Your insights, wise counsel and caring heart helped me face a difficult time with my husband’s illness and subsequent passing. 
      You will always have a special place in my heart. Love and aloha, 

Sandi Watts, Maui,

Gylian’s effectiveness as a professional organizer extends far beyond her ability to restore order from chaos.
     Her gentle, nurturing personality coaxes out the underlying reasons of the disorderly environment, as a means of understanding the ‘why.’        Her encouraging, “can-do” attitude, coupled with her expert organizing skills, restored my hope in a rather hopeless situation. …

L.W. Maui, Hawaii

I feel so grateful having worked with Gylian Solay. She is a great listener, very creative, practical, a real Pro! 
      Learning organizational skills from her helped me reduce stress, be able to find what I need when I need it and arrange my home for beauty, enjoyment while accommodating my lifestyle.   Five Stars Plus! 

Ann Paquin, Maui,

Everyone needs a “Gylian” in his or her life!
    Her personality is the first thing you meet. Smiling and spirited with a good sense of humor, Gylian immediately sets a rapport and begins working with your needs in mind. When I hired Gylian, I was in the process of re-modeling my condo, moving things in and out of storage units and handling work at the same time. (more…)

Susan Frieder, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Gylian is amazing. With a delightful non-judgmental attitude, she quickly and beautifully organizes your space in a way that makes maintaining it quite easy.  I can’t recommend her enuf!!

haikuhelen Maui, HI

Gylian Solay has been a friend for over 20 years. She is one of most capable and understanding women I know.

      Over the past few years Gylian has worked with me on a few occasions helping me organize my home and office. Also she was of great help when we moved. I am a saver, so having her guidance in discarding unessential items was very beneficial. (more…)

Joani Shapiro, Maui & Oahu

I highly recommend Gylian Solay to help with organizing and clearing clutter and creating a home or home office that feels great to be in and works effectively.
      She has a quality that a lot of “organizers” don’t — she works with your own personality and lifestyle to create systems that work for you and ones that you can maintain and add to on your own.  She’s kind and empathetic, and with enough push to get you through your stuck points.

Carol Pratt- Kihei, Hawaii

Going from my large house to smaller quarters, I thought the move would be tedious and overwhelming, but working with Gylian made it fun. Her careful attention to my possessions and to all the details of my complicated move made everything go so smoothly.
      Gylian turned my massive confusion into a step by step clear path using her psychological background to help me decide what to save and what to part with, and to move forward in a productive and rewarding way. I was relieved to have everything at my fingertips settling into my new place. (more…)

Carolyn Israelite Maui, Hawaii

Thank you soooo much for all of your help in my home organization/preparation for my house guests!  Over the last few months, with your organizational expertise, my house has undergone a major transformation!  I’m so pleased with the way things are coming together.
      You did an amazing job!!  I lOVE the organization of my kitchen and pantry. MAHALO NUI!  You’re awesome!!

Lani D. Maui, Hawaii

I hired Gylian Solay as my Personal Assistant after I went through a divorce and a move, and needed help organizing my life and staying organized. She has been of invaluable assistance – setting up my physical space, helping me keep on top of mail and bills, finding and hiring the best professionals to do repairs and cleaning, locating and purchasing items I needed, getting pictures framed at the lowest cost, etc., etc. (more…)

Anthony L. Ranken, Maui, HI

I have known Gylian Solay as a friend and as her employer. During this period she worked for me in various capacities. First and foremost, in my opinion, she always did what was agreed upon and when it was agreed to be done. It was done with enthusiasm, thoroughly, and with a smile.
      Gylian is very intelligent and I could give her just a suggestion of what I wanted done and she would follow through with completeness and perfection. I do not know of a job that she could/would not do if asked. Her organizational skills are beyond reproach. (more…)

Dottee Baron, Maui, HI

In September 2009, I downsized from a 2 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom and hired Gylian to help me move and organize my new place focusing on the kitchen. She was in charge of packing and moving all my kitchen things and finding a place for them in my new kitchen. Gylian was very organized, efficient, and fast in packing up and getting all my old kitchen wares and food products from one place to the other. Before putting things away, (more…)

Al Yniguez, Kihei, HI

Chaos to Carefree in Action!

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