Susan Frieder, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Everyone needs a “Gylian” in his or her life!
    Her personality is the first thing you meet. Smiling and spirited with a good sense of humor, Gylian immediately sets a rapport and begins working with your needs in mind. When I hired Gylian, I was in the process of re-modeling my condo, moving things in and out of storage units and handling work at the same time.

    Gylian’s ability to multi-task is amazing. She was by my side organizing the storage units, and assisting me in the condo organization. She had suggestions for efficiency and placement based on my lifestyle and convenience and juggled errands in between. Her attitude is always present, pleasant and informative. Her work ethic is impeccable, dependable, reliable and very efficient.
    In addition to my condo, Gylian handles my administrative needs, logistics for travel arrangements, and helps me organize and host my events. My guests love having her around because she is amiable and gracious.
    Gylian also oversees my condo when I am off island. I trust her. Gylian continues to assist me on a regular basis in various projects. She literally handles my life when I need her.
You will be thankful for her assistance whether it is a large or small project.

My highest recommendation and regards for Gylian.