Al Yniguez, Kihei, HI

In September 2009, I downsized from a 2 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom and hired Gylian to help me move and organize my new place focusing on the kitchen. She was in charge of packing and moving all my kitchen things and finding a place for them in my new kitchen. Gylian was very organized, efficient, and fast in packing up and getting all my old kitchen wares and food products from one place to the other. Before putting things away,Gylian inquired how I functioned in the kitchen, what did I use the most, etc. She created a kitchen that works so well for me, that it remains the same today.
      Along with her organizational skills, Gylian is generous with her ideas and suggestions that benefitted me in this smaller space. Using the furniture I had, she showed me creative ways to maximize the space, add storage, and make it all look aesthetic, and uncluttered.
      Gylian’s organization and creative re-arrangement was based on my lifestyle, and how I moved around in my home, so it is my home – comfortable and functional for me to live in.