Dottee Baron, Maui, HI

I have known Gylian Solay as a friend and as her employer. During this period she worked for me in various capacities. First and foremost, in my opinion, she always did what was agreed upon and when it was agreed to be done. It was done with enthusiasm, thoroughly, and with a smile.
      Gylian is very intelligent and I could give her just a suggestion of what I wanted done and she would follow through with completeness and perfection. I do not know of a job that she could/would not do if asked. Her organizational skills are beyond reproach.She is willing to do what I would consider, “menial” jobs and do them well with a smile. Also, in doing them she would see something extra that needed doing and do it.
      When I was leaving the island, she organized my complete move, wrapped and packed all of my fragile crystal, art, and difficult pieces, in fact the whole house.   Everything was labeled and numbered, over 350 boxes. She then organized and put on a garage sale. Without her energy, skill and direction, I would still be standing in the house looking at what needed to be done. The house was left in pristine condition, all due to Gylian’s thoroughness.
      I was also lucky to see her teach in various capacities, adults and children. Her thoughtfulness, tack and insight are amazing.
      If you have any questions or concerns about Gylian working for you please do not hesitate calling me or emailing me.