Hoarding Consultant

My approach in working with hoarders is hands-on without judgment. Someone to love them, honor them, accept them for who they are as I walk with them through their challenges in their home—as a “Hoarder’s Buddy”. As they sort through and have to decide what to keep or give away, I counsel them in the process (I have a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling).

This an opportunity for Hoarders to step out of feeling embarrassed and ashamed and step into a sense of empowerment in their life. Where the individual’s spirit comes out from under their clutter and shines; where fear or emptiness is replaced by love for themselves.

The WORST thing to do is go in and throw things away without their permission. It is best that friends or family contact a professional, rather than try to work with the person who hoards. It is too emotional for both sides and judgments come into play, creating more of a divide and retreat for the Hoarder.

Many hoarders don’t know how and where to get help, are scared, and may not be able to afford my service.
I’m continually looking for ways to get financial support for them, whether through friends, family or agencies.Any suggestions, and/or connections are welcome.