Joyce Spencer, Maui, Hawaii

I consider Gylian the Crown Jewel in her profession!
      She is one of the most qualified Professional Organizers I have ever used.
      Gylian Solay came to my rescue a few years ago as a professional organizer and was that and sooo much more! She actually helped me through 5 large household moves within 5 years! In fact, I would not consider undergoing another house move without her.  She has an incredible sense of coming in and assessing all that needed to be done, and very quickly set to work helping me sort what to throw away, setting aside things to give away, packing up.  She is incredibly efficient and packs everything to protect any valuable items from breakage.
      Gylian is very gifted in the area of organizing and knowing just where and how things should be placed. She has a knack for expanding and creating space to make everything I want to keep fit. At the same time, she is sensitive to my life style and always makes sure everything is done to my satisfaction. When Gylian lived on Kauai, I flew her over from Kauai to Maui because I was switching my office and guest rooms. 
After each move, Gylian created Inventory Lists and Layouts for closets and drawers in each room, which were invaluable so my husband & I could find things in our new home.
      Knowing how important family is to us, she found an excellent framer to frame my precious family photos and created family gallery walls in each home, which touch my heart. When I downsized to a smaller home, she created a gallery for my grandchildren’s artwork on my garage wall.
      Gylian has a spirit about her that immediately puts me at ease when I ask for her help. She takes even the hardest things, like downsizing all my photos, mementos, music collection of 60+ years, changing furniture, and buying new things that were more appropriate. We’re honest and respectful with each other’s suggestions and opinions. I can comfortably say, “NO, I don’t like that or can we change that piece after we moved it several times.
Gylian is easy to work with and does everything willingly with a smile, suggestion, and sensitivity. We laugh, talk, and have developed a caring friendship over these many years.
– Joyce Spencer, Maui, Hawaii