Carolyn Israelite Maui, Hawaii

Going from my large house to smaller quarters, I thought the move would be tedious and overwhelming, but working with Gylian made it fun. Her careful attention to my possessions and to all the details of my complicated move made everything go so smoothly.
      Gylian turned my massive confusion into a step by step clear path using her psychological background to help me decide what to save and what to part with, and to move forward in a productive and rewarding way. I was relieved to have everything at my fingertips settling into my new place.

      Gylian was a constant emotional support and understanding of my personal needs and also kept me on track. I would recommend Gylian to anyone relocating, downsizing, expanding, or any type of personal transition.
      Gylian can help you set goals and priorities, work with moving companies, real estate agents…handle administrative details…use the internet to advertise, or locate collectors, and charities to distribute goods.
      As a consultant she helped me articulate what was important, so I could let go of the things holding me back. My life now is simple and organized and I owe it all to Gylian. With deep gratitude and sincere thanks.