Why Chaos to Carefree

During a Focus Group to help me brainstorm my business name, I realized the word organizing felt restrictive and linear, and my organizing skills are broader and more creative. The client starts out feeling frustrated in a cluttered, chaotic environment. After working together, the person feels comfortable and freer in their more manageable user-friendly space Thus Chaos to Carefree… a Mission Possible!

Create   Harmony   Actualize   Organic   Spaces

Organizing is PERSONALIZED and TAILOR-MADE to suit YOUR needs & lifestyle
Efficient & Respectful of your Possessions
Together we Create Space working through all types of clutter and organizing needs

How may I assist you in your specific situation? Contact me

• Over 40 yrs Organizing experience
• Counseling Background
• Efficient & Respectful of your Possessions
• Create Space to assist you in managing your home/or office
• Help with moving: packing, creating an inventory and unpacking and placing everything so it all fits in your new space
• Downsizing
• Combining households

• Children’s rooms
• Closets
• Cabinets
• Garage
• Office
• Clearing clutter
• Outdoor areas
• Misc Organizing

Hoarding Consultant