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 Integral Hatha Yoga, and Swami Satchidananda


International Yoga Centers Directory: Global guide to yoga studios, instructors, ashrams and retreat centers!    http://www.yoga-centers-directory.net

Robert Carter  www.spiritualwakeup.com

     Spiritual Wake Up was created with the intention of aiding people on a one on one and small group basis to help awaken the Spiritual presence of the INFINITE inside.  Classes in Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Bagua Chang, Yoga, Meditation, the Enneagram and Contemplation are offered. 


Art & Jewelry

 Elizabeth Bloom, www.eabloom.com

 Elizabeth creates one of a kind exotic pieces of wearable art   


Penny McManigalwww.ashlandweb.com/millennium.weave/8peace.html

Penny is an International Peace and Transformational Artist  



Ali Jones-Carter, Photographer:  www.alijones-carter.com

Ali strives to create the unique photographic image or drawing expressing the unique individual essence of each and every client.       

Green Architects

Robert Carter,www.carter-architects.com

When your project requires the latest in green innovative design, Bob Carter is a “green” architect, knowledgeable in LEED and ASHRAE 189 standards for highly efficient sustainable buildings. Bob has  built high-end residential, commercial, and everything in between.  He keeps his eye opened to the client’s needs and desires.  His heart and spirit is as fine-tuned as his architectural skills.  Bob’s ethics, expertise, and humanness, would benefit any project on the mainland  as well as Maui. 



Shone Edel-Maui Homeopathy  Shone.Edel@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Bloom’s  Elizabeth’s Essentials are therapeutic essential oil blends for optimal health and wellness feel radiant as your spirit and body absorb its essences.  Please click here for further information: