Organize Your Life

Professional Organizer &
Event Coordinator
Have your life go from Chaos to Carefree

“It’s like looking into a kaleidoscope.   When you turn it even slightly, things open up in a new way, allowing you to see your life and potential from a new perspective.”      ~ Gylian Solay, MS
Personal, Home, Business, Events
With a multifaceted professional & educational background, my organizing reflects a sharp attention detail & a myriad of alternatives that Suits YOUR Needs by focusing on who YOU are, YOUR priorities, & YOUR lifestyle. 
 Being sensitive to what you need to feel comfortable in your personal, home, or business life and/or planning an event, I encourage  you to explore your priorities and preferences.
Working together, organizing becomes a spirited Mission Possible”  guiding you from Chaos to User-friendly Order. 
Please contact me to assist you in  your specific situation.
I work with all levels & types of clutter: from organizing to severe clutter & hoarding.  
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