Emergent Life Consultant

Premise of Emergent

I have come to understand that All things in the Universe are Emergent: nothing is caused. As energy shifts and/or coalesces, different forms, matter come into being, come into expression.  These constituents or individuality is ONENESS expressing itself.

Emergent Phenomenon piques my curiosity and fascination as ever-present, ever-surprising outcomes continue to arise in various components of my life, visions, and dreams.

The term Emergent signifies that elusive quality which makes a dynamic process more than the sum total of its components resulting in unpredictable outcomes. It is a place where the magic and mystery of creativity is embodied.

An Emergent idea, form, dream is born, comes into being; add passion – the music of the soul, and a Sacred Dance begins. This, I believe, sets the stage for individuals to reach across and beyond personal and cultural boundaries, local societies and global communities;  bridging various belief systems with passion, compassion, vision, creativity, and a commitment to collaboration, innovation and peacemaking.  In order to attain the depth and heights of global social change, it is essential to traverse and dive deep into the labyrinth of your soul’s  Sacred Journey to uncover your buried treasures and then offer these gems as gifts to the world through action.   AGVOP page may use the highlighted paragraph as well on my Emergent page




~ arising unexpectedly as a natural or logical consequence


Emergent Evolution

~ a biological and philosophical theory that new characters and qualities (as life and consciousness) appear in the evolutionary process at more complex organizational levels (as that of the molecule, the cell, and the organism) which cannot be predicted solely by studying less complex levels of organizations but which are determined by a rearrangement of pre-existent entities.


Creativity as an Emergent Concept

~ expressed in a book entitled, “The Emergent Self: a biography of George Eliot”:

“…to signify an unpredictable result arising from known sources.  “…even the most exhaustive verbal analysis of any form of creativity is at best incomplete, for inevitably lacking is that elusive quality which makes a dynamic process more than the sum total of its components.”


Evolving with each new student, client, experience in my life, I developed a process and practice, ‘Your Emergent Self’.  Sometimes we forget that we are always connected within our spheres of Body, Mind, Spirit.  We may be focused mentally, sometimes our body is talking to us, and sometimes our Spirit.  Each one interacts and affects the others and we are the totality of a unified Spiritually Mindful Body, where the Emergent Being is greater than the sum of its parts.


What makes us human is the Essence of who we are.  It is the journey to reach, to touch, and to illuminate a person’s unique Essence and see it shine that sparks me and ignites my passion.  An individual’s Essence comes from a higher and deeper core resonance, a divine source that is an untapped reservoir surging through them. Once tapped into, an energy exchange occurs between hidden creativity and information that is brought to the surfaces of our Spiritually Mindful Body, creating unexpected outcomes; where the individual has a sense of an inner knowing, a place that says:  “AH! YES, this is who I truly am and how I want to be and live in the world.  This is what I have termed “Your Emergent Self”.  A way of How to be Who you are.


Examples of Emergent:

Water:   The relationship of 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen in combination creates Water.  Yet, Water is an entity unto itself, resembling neither hydrogen nor oxygen, yet encapsulating all their elements and having its own uniqueness out of the combination.  The resulting water is Emergent.

Woodstock Concert (1969):  It began as an outdoor concert with well-known musicians, tickets were sold, people arrived by the thousands. However, when all the basic elements came together, the outcome was greater than its elements and  an extraordinary event came into being.     To this today, no one understood what happened to create an event that can never be repeated or recreated, that defied the numbers, the peacefulness, a community of humanhood that never before happened under those circumstances. I was part of that magnificent wholeness.  To me, that was & is an Emergent Happening.