Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Small intimate dinner parties to large-scale Community Events, 
it is inspiring to create a space for people to gather.  

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from the past 40 yrs. ( It’s succinct!!!)
Sampling of my events
Dinner Parties
      Gylian helps organize and host my dinner parties.  My guests love having her around because she is amiable and gracious. I love how she handles menu choices, food arrangement, setting up, & cleaning up.  All I have to do is enjoy my party from beginning to end!  
A combination of sentiments from Clients on Maui, HI Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Community Events:
Kihei Fourth Friday, Maui, Hawaii  2012-2013
Volunteer Chairperson & Logistics Coordinator

Pat Mulligan,
Chairperson K4F
PatMulliganRecommendation(PDF — 125 KB)
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Community Presentations: 
Controversial Mega Mall in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, 2012
 Sacred Earth – Citizens’ Rights”
      Wherever you go on the planet, little towns, villages, are slowly disappearing and we are becoming  Homogenized Humanity.  The import-export of retail chains are choking our cities, communities, rural country sides; linking the world in a consumerism fence.  Mega malls, box stores, retail chains strangling the world, have arrived on Maui’s shores.
      Maui,  a paradise,  a floating Oasis in the Ocean of life, furthest from any land mass is in need of a miracle.  Maui’s aina, ohana, spirit of Aloha is being washed away by a tsunami of cement spreading everywhere, unchecked. 

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For more information  visit: www.maui-tomorrow.org 

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Emergency Preparedness Event 
Y2K Event, Mill Valley, CA, Sept 1999  
As the millennium was closing in upon us, fear, skepticism and millions of dollars were being spread around.  My intention was to offer another way of coping with an impeding event with unknowable outcomes.I believed in elevating the vibrations of this historic moment to a vision of meeting the coming millennium with a welcoming spirit, working together, and preparing as we would  for any other  life event, i.e. weddings, vacations, natural disasters.I conjured up the acronym Yes 2000 Kindly for Y2K and designed 
T-shirts as handouts.    I met with other like-minded citizens in weekly meetings at my office, and a small committee of 4 was created.  Thus was launched the first  Yes 2000 Kindly event in downtown Mill Valley, touted as “Celebrate Preparedness”.
Streets were closed to traffic, restaurants and markets supplied food and drinks, the Fire Dept. had educational firetrucks on site offering fire drills, free Fire Extinguisher inspections, and refills.  Over  4,000 people joined in for a day of food, festivities, information, and meeting one’s neighbors. The entire event was sponsored by donations from in and around the community and the county, and was free to the public.   And Yes,the new millennium 2000  was received Kindly…..
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